Case study

Arise Fight

Email Marketing

Arise Fight is a clothing brand startup aimed to inspire the young generation to push towards your goals. Arise Fight has grown to 18K followers on Instagram and has done multi 6-figures in revenue. The company specializes in workout based clothing putting an emphasis on quality. They're products are aimed at Gen-Z.

what we worked on




- The Challenge

Arise’s email channel attribution was not being used to its full advantage. They had a basic flow setup that did not produce the desired engagement or revenue. Campaigns were not being sent out despite having a growing email list. Founders had no time to dedicate to this channel because they were finding the product-market fit for a startup.

- Solution

To make the email channel more coherent and appealing to those interested in results, a multi-layered strategy was developed. Initial step: Enhance the design of all emails. Identify the most effective send methodologies, such as optimal time cadences and the number of emails per month. Refresh all flows to support higher engagement and revenue. Strategically plan for new flows and behavioral opportunities to further bolster engagement.

- Results

Recent efforts with Arise have yielded outstanding results including a 15x ROI and an overall surge in campaign revenue. There was also a 20% increase in flow conversion rate (CVR), showcasing the power of targeted and personalized content in converting potential leads into customers. Furthermore, Arise experienced a remarkable 50% boost in both engagement and revenue with campaign sends, underscoring the importance of strategically crafted email campaigns for fostering brand loyalty and driving sales.

352% Increase in Email Attribution.

$25,000 Generated In 2 Months