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We'll Add $50k - $500k Per Month In Revenue Within 60 Days Or You Get a Full Refund

Our Email Loyalty Framework will boost your sales - and build an army of loyal customers.

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Technical Strategy

Feeling overwhelmed by spending all your resources on attracting new customers without a custom retention plan to keep them?

Losing Millions in Revenue

Don't want to keep bleeding potentially hundreds of thousands, or even millions, in unrealized revenue?

Design & Copy

Feeling stressed as you pour countless hours into crafting emails and texts, unsure of their true conversion potential?


$120K To $200K Per Month In Email Revenue In 57 Days

$70K+ Per Month As Of June 2024 & $1 Million Generated

90% Increase in Revenue & 4X Retail Store Traffic Mr. Derk

$17K Per Month in Less Than 60 Days for Scattered Kind

$25K Added In 60 Days for Arise Fight

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We Understand How To Grow Ecommerce Businesses Because We Did It Before As Founders.

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We Take Our Clients Email Revenue From Zero to Retention Hero


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Let us handle everything using our unique retention processes so you can focus on growing your business.


Craft a unique strategy that deeply aligns with your brand's distinct goals. Using data, we ensure your campaigns achieve maximum impact.


First impressions matter. Through rigorous A/B tests, analytics, and industry insights, we fine-tune emails for top-tier engagement and conversion rates.


Every email is a visual journey. We artfully blend aesthetics with functionality, ensuring that your brand's message leaves a lasting mark.


In the realm of content, our words reign supreme. We expertly weave compelling narratives, persuasive CTAs, and attention-grabbing headlines that captivate and convert.

Our Process

That Drive Threatening Results

Step 1

Turning cold visitors into HOT subscribers through the use of effective email and SMS sign up forms, will increase the email list subscriber count (more subscribers = more money) but also will help feed the welcome flow with qualified people ready to convert.

Step 2

Automate the entire customer life journey, from awareness to loyalty, using email, and SMS marketing flows; this will increase conversions and customer lifetime value, which will ultimately mean more PROFIT for your store.

Step 3

Develop an extensive email and SMS marketing campaign calendar, using advanced segmentation strategies to define the highest quality audiences in your list, to then send them highly personalized and tailored-to-their-needs content; this will increase conversions, retention, and overall brand perceived value.

Step 4

Email & SMS marketing is not a “set it and forget” kind of thing; for this to actually work, we’ll always need to be optimizing to make sure we’re getting the most out of your retention channels.

High-Converting Email Designs

Built for your audience that makes them want your emails everyday.

What Clients Say About Dahaus Digital

"Before Dahaus Digital, our email campaigns struggled. Their Klaviyo optimizations, blending creativity with data, significantly improved engagement and sales. Personalized emails boosted our metrics, proving their value. We highly recommend them for enhancing email marketing efforts.related revenue and subscriber engagement. We highly recommend Dahaus Digital to any business aiming to enhance their email marketing."

Founder, Oncotect

Our brand was missing out on email marketing opportunities. In just two months, they helped us generate $22k in revenue from a previously untapped list. Their approach significantly eased our workload, making email marketing both understandable and effective. Highly recommended for any business looking to enhance their marketing strategy.

Founder - Scattered Kind

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Who is this for?

➤ eCom brands founders selling great products and driving hordes of traffic to their store that haven’t found a way to retain it and squeeze it.

➤ eCom founders that are losing money on their paid traffic efforts and need a reliable source of predictable sales to have more peace of mind.

➤ eCom founders whose email and SMS marketing strategies are driving less than 30% of their total sales.

➤ Founders whose only email strategy is blasting their entire list.

➤ eCom founders who want to spend more time bringing in more traffic to their store instead of spending half of their day thinking about emails.

➤ Founders that have hired another email agency, but they’re not bringing any results.

➤ Founders who have read books, bought courses, searched on Facebook groups, and YouTube for information about email and SMS marketing but are still struggling to implement the teachings.

➤ And well, basically, this is for you if you don’t have a proven way to retain & generate more and more money out of every new customer you get.

How does your pricing work?

We have a pricing structure that we tailor for each client.

Do you have minimum contracts?


Will this work for my eCommerce brand?

If you have products that are already selling and a well-structured paid ad strategy & you don’t have an optimized email marketing strategy in place yet,  then this will 100% work for you

How much time does it require from me?

15 minutes to fill out our onboarding form. 30 minutes in the initial onboarding call where we go through your target group and angles, and after that 15 minutes per week. However, you can spend as much time as you'd like but we'll take care of everything.